Why Cosmeceuticals are Better for Your Skin

Cosmeceuticals vs Over-the-Counter Skincare 

Cosmeceuticals are pharmaceutical medical-grade skincare products that have BOTH restorative (therapeutic) and cosmetic (superficial) effects on the skin and are intended to have a beneficial effect on BOTH skin health and beauty.  
Over-the-counter products address only temporary topical cosmetic (superficial) beauty concerns.  There is zero therapeutic benefit because they are heavily diluted.  
Cosmeceuticals contain a high concentration of additives that have clinically proven effects on the skin's cell function. And, because they are formulated to penetrate the skin, and not just lay on the surface like over-the-counter skin care products, those high concentration additives get to the deep dermal layers of the skin, which is where restorative and healing action takes place.
Cosmeceuticals are highly potent, used sparingly, and not sold in drug stores, retail stores, or department stores because of the medical-grade potency and minimal water content.  
Cosmeceuticals are much easier on your wallet because you need use only a dab of product.  You will find that these products last several months longer than wasteful over the counter purchases.  Here's a comparison.  



Made with only high-quality, skin-safe ingredients

Higher concentration of actives

Resolve deeper skin concerns quickly and effectively

Dermatologist-developed to get real results

Use scientifically-researched ingredients that work

Most time and money spent on R&D testing

Clinically tested and proven

Intelligently designed packaging designed with efficiency and integrity in mind

Expert guidance available to help you choose the right product for your skin type and goals

Better, faster, and more customized results

High value per ounce

Mid-range cost but less expensive in the longrun


Can cut corners with lower-quality, harmful, or irritating ingredients

Lower concentration of actives

Achieve temporary cosmetic improvements on skin's surface

Developed to appeal to consumers

Often rely on trendy or exotic-sounding ingredients

More time and money spent on marketing and branding

Little to no effort spent on clinical testing

Low-budget packaging OR overly expensive luxury-focused packaging

Guessing game to choose the right product and wasting money on things that don't work

Inconsistent results with higher chance of unwanted side effects

Low value per ounce

Cost can be lower (drugstore brands) or higher (luxury brands), but more expensive in the longrun


 Discover for yourself why cosmeceutical skincare remains the favorite among industry professionals and the strong, smart, and beautiful women that have used them for over 50 years.